San Diego, California August 14-19, 2016

Quality Challenges in the Internet of Things Era

Phillip Lew, CEO, XBOSoft.

The Internet of Things is made up of three core elements: things, communications and computing. Things are devices connected to the Internet such as a watch, car or appliances in your home. For IoT to work, these things need to be connected, communicating statuses and other information with each other in real time. And with this information, the last element of IoT is computing and storage. What will all this information be used for? What actions can or should be taken? How and where will the information be stored, on a server, on a mobile phone? And who will it be accessible by?

IoT offers both efficiency and automation to daily life, and with an estimated 26 billion connected devices by 2020, there’s bound to be issues with security, reliability and connectivity within that enormous, intricate network. This makes the role of QA critical.

For example: security. Will someone be able to hack into my home network and then into my wearable device and steal my medical information? Then there’s data storage, the actual efficiency of the device and user interactions to account for. IoT is still growing so quickly that QA testers must be able to keep up with the increasing complexity of it as it continues to expand.

Simply making sure that the device and its software works correctly in a controlled environment in isolation is not acceptable. Yet, how can you test all the scenarios? Scenarios include not only the multitude of devices that can connect together in a combination of ecosystems, but also, the data they produce. How we develop test data sets that accurately represent the real world must also be considered, as well as how we can make sure it is secure with such a multitude of sensors collecting data. Lastly, IoT is not about devices. We still have to make sure the user has an integrated experience across devices and software. Hence, usability in IoT could be the most overlooked game breaker for IoT. In this session, find out the latest technologies, thought patterns, techniques and methods to move beyond old school QA (desktops, web and mobile) where devices work mostly in isolation.

About The Speaker:

Phillip Lew, CEO, directs the strategic operations and business development of XBOSoft. Philip brings over 25 years of extensive and broad-ranged technical expertise and industry leadership to support the company's vision and mission to provide reliable and timely service to its clients. Philip earned both his bachelor and master degrees in Operations Research and Engineering from Cornell University and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Beihang University. Problem solving and providing timely solutions to clients has been part of Philip's professional experience since the beginning. Philip started his career with Ernst and Young Consulting, and went on to lead the Systems Integrations Services Group at EIS and several other technology companies. He's held executive roles and responsibilities in the US, Europe and Asia. Philip is a certified PMP and multi-lingual, fluent in English and Mandarin. He regularly writes and speaks on professional and technical topics and serves as an Adjunct Professor at Alaska Pacific University. Philip has presented at leading worldwide conferences such as SoftTec, STPCon, PNSQC, Better Software East/West and StarEast/West. His papers have been published in Project Management Technology, Network World, Telecommunications Magazine, Call Center Magazine, TeleProfessional, DataPro Research Reports as well as numerous academic journals. Philip enjoys the power of ever-advancing technology and is constantly exploring how the latest technologies and products can improve our lives. Even so, Philip is still awed by the wonder of nature and is an avid outdoor sportsman. He especially loves cycling, and is passionate about traveling and exploration. Thus far, Philip has travelled to more than 60 countries.

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