San Diego, California August 14-19, 2016

Putting Quality first through Continuous Testing

Adam Auerbach - Sr Technical Director, Capital One

Key Concepts:

  • Definition of Continuous Testing
    • What it is?
    • Why it’s important?
  • ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development)
    • What it is?
    • How best to implement?
    • Impacts on Testers
    • Differences between TDD, BDD and ATDD
  • Service Virtualization
  • CI/CD Pipeline
  • Future of Testing

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding of ATDD
  • Understanding of CI/CD and other DevOps best practices
  • Understanding of Service Virtualization and why it’s critical
  • Best practices for getting teams up to speed to do ATDD
  • Lessons learned from Capital One getting their teams up and running with CT.

Success Story:

Capital One has a highly integrated environment, creating many dependencies for its agile teams. As a result, the teams faced prolonged and increasingly more difficult sprints over time, and did not realize expected improvements in time to market. As Capital One Technology worked through the implementation of various facets of agile, it wasn’t able to take full advantage of the real benefits that agile promises. To solve this, the group leveraged DevOps, Service Virtualization and ATDD practices, in order to reach our full potential of Continuous Delivery. Continuous Testing provided the foundation needed to achieve the goals of delivering high-quality working code to production early and often.

Some of our metrics:

  • Improved Testing Coverage – From 30% to over 80%
  • Reduced Time to Market – From 4+ weeks to daily

About The Speaker:

Adam Auerbach is the Sr Technology Director for Advanced Testing and Release services for Capital One Financial Corporation, a diversified bank with 65-million customer accounts worldwide and more than 900 branch locations. Adam is responsible for Capital One’s enterprise performance and automated testing departments as well as enterprise release management, service virtualization and test data management teams. Since joining Capital One, he has provided leadership for the agile transformation of their quality assurance group and led the enterprise adoption of DevOps and ATDD. Before joining Capital One, Adam was with Chase and other financial and insurance companies, in various leadership positions focusing on quality and agile practices.

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