San Diego, California August 14-19, 2016

Mobile Development Technologies

Michael Yudanin

Key Concepts:

The course aims at equipping software quality assurance and testing professionals with the understanding of technologies used to develop mobile application that would be useful for planning, designing, and executing tests for mobile platforms. It addresses the most common mobile operating systems and surveys different types of hardware. Then we proceed to discussing the types of mobile applications while highlighting the differences between native, hybrid, and web apps. Finally, we will survey the most common development techniques. All this, while emphasizing the aspects relevant to planning, designing, and executing mobile tests.

Learning Objectives:


About The Speaker:

Michael Yudanin is a seasoned IT professional, who specializes in management of IT services delivery and in process improvement consulting. His management skills are based on best practices and leading standards like CMMI, IEEE and ISO, streamlines software life cycle processes and achieves higher product quality through process improvement. Michael provides solutions for complex software development environments, e.g., large scale implementation of highly customized software products and distributed organizations. He is very knowledgeable in the latest developments with IT processes and technologies. Michael is very dependable and professional. He is Certified by the American Society for Quality as a Software Quality Engineer (CSQE).

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