San Diego, California August 14-19, 2016

Defect Prevention: A Tester's Role in Process Improvement and Reducing the Cost of Poor Quality


Mike Ennis International Institute for Software Testing

This course covers the Elective area of the Certified Test Manager (CTM) certification, Certified Software Test Professional certification and the CSTAS certification.

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Key Concepts:

Software delivery schedules are getting faster and faster as companies are attempting to delivery high quality products to their customers at a blinding pace.  How do we as testers maintain our testing standards in this chaotic environment?  The key is removing defects before they are discovered during testing.  This workshop will identify key defect prevention and detection testing techniques that will not only help test products faster but also reduce the high cost of poor quality that many companies are facing today.

Learning Objectives:

  • What is Defect Prevention vs Defect Detection
  • What are the advantages of early defect detection
  • Types of Defect Prevention Methods
  • Types of Defect Detection Methods
  • What is Process Improvement?
  • Metrics that drive Process Improvement
  • Understanding the Cost of Poor Quality
  • Your Role in the process


  • The problem with software as it' developed today
  • Defect Prevention versus Defect Detection
  • Understanding Stage Containment
  • Types of defect prevention
    • Understanding static testing
    • Reviews
    • Inspections
    • Risk Based Testing
    • Formal Review Process & Roles
  • Types of defect detection
    • Black  Box testing techniques
      • Equivalence Partitioning
      • Boundary Analysis
      • Decision Tree
      • State Transition
      • Use Cases
    • White Box testing
      • Statement Coverage
      • Branch Coverage
      • Condition Coverage
      • Path Coverage
  • Understanding Process Improvement
  • Effectively using tools to facilitate process improvement
  • Metrics that drive process improvement
    • Root Cause
    • Defect Injection Phase
    • Defect Detection Phase
    • Defect Discovery Method
    • Defect Resolution Type
    • Defect Leakage Reason
  • Types of process improvement
    • Development processes
    • Testing processes
    • Project Management processes
  • Implementing Process Improvement initiatives
  • Understanding the Cost of Poor Quality
  • A tester' s role in the process

About The Speaker:

Defective Prevention: A Tester's Role In Process

Mike Ennis has over 20 years of experience with all phases of testing. Mike has a very deep technology and testing background and has led numerous test teams both on and off-shore. Additionally, Mike has conducted test assessments, created process improvement initiatives, created test strategies, test plans and has led execution efforts at various clients such as IBM, BMC Software and Intuit. He is a Senior Manager specializing in planning and executing testing efforts From an industry perspective, Mike is a Certified Software Testing Engineer, Certified Software Quality Analyst, a Certified Foundation Level Tester as well a respected speaker, mentor & coach at some of the largest software testing conferences globally.

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